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, Vera was growing up, and it seemed to me impossible to identify her with the baby not quite two years old. She is not in the least like her father, either, and that is why I made a mistake. I had quite forgotten that she might be very like her mother, and she I have never seen." CHAPTER XV. DALLAS MAKES A DISCOVERY. "The danger would certainly lie there," Walter said thoughtfully. "My dear boy, that is just where the

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danger comes in," Ravenspur replied. "I haven't the remotest idea whether Vera is like or unlike her mother, but I fear that she must be, otherwise that man Silva would never have got on my track, as I have felt quite sure lately th

at he has done. Doubtless in some of his wanderings he has seen the girl, he has recognised the likeness, and made up his mind that he has found the object of his search at last. You see, he has only to make a few inquiries amongst th

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    e servants, who would tell him that Vera is my ward, and that, as to the r

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    s more or less of a beautiful mystery. One can understand now why he should co

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    studio and steal that portrait." "I think I can see a better the

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t," Walter said. "Wasn't the portrait exhibited before it came back to the studio again? I seem to remembe

Plan 2

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r something of the kind." "Of course it was," Ravenspur exclaimed. "I had quite forgotten that. Silva mus

Plan 3

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t have got his inspiration from the picture. I suppose that is why he made that murderous attack upon Sir

era Rayne, of course," Walter said. "Quite so. From that day to this sh

James Seton the other night, taking him, of course, for me. But that is not the first warning I have had of the impending danger, and I

e has been with me always. But, mind you, I was not blind to the risk I wa

am afraid it won't be the last." Walter listened to this desponding view with impatience. "But, surely, you are not going to take it like this, sir?" he expostulated. "By greatest good fortune w

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s taking. If ever th

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e have discovered who your mysterious foe is. I think it has been a wonderful slice of luck, and we ought to take advantage of it. Surely you couldn't do any less than place the matter in the hands of the

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